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Welcome to KayaksCanoes.  We feature kayaks for all budgets and experience, plus a range of useful kayak equipment.  As well as inflatable kayaks and sit-on-tops, you'll find paddles, instructional videos and dvds, plus car racks and more accessories.  All of this great kayaking stuff is available to buy online with the convenience of internet shopping.

Inflatable kayaks allow you to enjoy the freedom of the water with the advantage of easy portability.  The quality of today's materials means that they are are also extremely durable.

Sit on Top kayaks allow you to go kayaking without needing to know how to roll your boat if you accidentally capsize.  You can just exit the boat, turn it over, jump back on and continue paddling.

Find a unique way of enjoying the mysteries of the waters below.  Buy a transparent clear kayak for a whole new dimension to kayaking and canoeing.

A kayak car rack will ensure a safe journey for you and your boat.  More carrier accessories for your car are also featured.

Almost as essential as your boat itself, kayak paddles come in many different choices.  We feature a great selection for all types of use.

Ensure that you can find your way with a specially designed kayak compass.  Part of the fun of kayaking is paddling around places where you've never been before.  Once you've travelled only a short distance it's easy to lose your bearings.  These compasses will make sure you don't get lost on the waters.

We feature a great selection of kayak video and kayaking DVD.  As well as Instructional videos, we present fast whitewater and stunt action DVDs for exciting, enjoyable viewing.

Even more kayak accessories can be found here too.

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