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In The Surf Kayaking Instructional Video

In The Surf Kayaking Instructional Video

Enjoy an hour of awesome surf footage and kayak surfing instruction.  Learn about getting started in the surf, plus specialized boat designs, how to read the waves, takeoff spots and advanced rudder techniques, wave evaluation and selection plus Surf zone etiquette.  In The Surf will take you to the next level of control and confidence, and is excellent cross training for the river season!  Enjoy the excitement and speed of the surf.

Performance Sea Kayaking video

Performance Sea Kayaking Video

Kayaking offers you a world of opportunity.  Whatever your ability, it is a magical way to get to some amazing places.  To enjoy it, you'll need to know the basics, the building blocks for performance paddling.  Join the experts as they explain the important elements of paddling strokes and safety.

See kayaking skills demonstrated and learn the essence of paddling efficiently so you'll tire less on your next trip.  See how to recover from a capsize, and unlock the secret of the eskimo roll.  Hear the experts talk about navigation, big crossings, and how to deal with wind and weather.

All this information is presented in a lively, watchable manner.  Ths entertaining and informative instructional video features stunning scenery too which makes it all the more watchable.  You'll enjoy the sights of the Pacific Northwest coast and TASK sea kayak symposium, North shore of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands, Maine, Southern California coast, the Channel Islands and big surf, plus a top secret high mountain lake.

There is so much detail here that you need not plan to catch all the details in one sitting.  The video was designed for multiple viewings with a rewind button in hand.  Producer Kent Ford say that his aim is for each tape to become an important part of every paddlers video library, from beginning paddler to accomplished instructor. Appearances and assistance in this 59 minute instructional video comes from a number of top kayakers including Olympic gold medalist Greg Barton and navigation guru ken Fink, plus many others.

Just Add Water kayak video

Just Add Water Kayak Video

It's finally here! The rodeo freestyle playboating video you've been waiting for.  Multitudes of different moves including surfing, back surfing, 360's and pirouettes plus cartwheels and much more - it's all here in one incredibly entertaining and insightful instructional kayak video!  Learn to shred with the best of them.  Famous boat designer, freestyle innovator and rodeo star, Bob McDonough and lead NOC instructor, and professional freestyle coach, Shane Benedict team up with Joe Holt, the Director and Producer of the acclaimed kayak instruction videos Grace Under Pressure and Kayak 101.  Together, they take you step by step from the basics of wave surfing all the way through to linking retentive moves in a hole.  Just Add Water is a valuable reference tool for improving your playboating skills, from the novice surfer to the veteran shredder.

Nurpu Freeride Kayaking DVD and video

Nurpu Freeride Kayaking DVD and Video

Hey, let's do some serious kayaking.  Nurpu (the Tibetan symbol for mountains and rivers) features whitewater kayaking in the vertical extreme. A team of 20 kayakers, including a couple of pro paddlers, drop down waterfalls and cartwheel through challenging river rapids in 14 countries, including Nepal, Austria, Bali, Canada, and Chile. The footage is astonishing, as are the moves of the paddlers, who control their kayaks like a second skins in this adrenaline charged wild-water ride.  The DVD includes "The Making of Nurpu", which adds much insight to the 45-minute main attraction, which is short on narrative but big on action footage and great-sounding music.  Behind the scenes, the gifted filmmaker and team members discuss the one-year odyssey which took them around the world, where every day was "an epic powder day" on water.

Best Of Gore Video

Best Of Gore Video

Hold on to your seat while you watch this wet and wild video featuring the best raft and kayak footage from a decade of action during the west's wildest paddlesports event, the Gore Canyon Festival. This exciting video gives the term crash and burn a whole new meaning.

Mothership Connection Full On #2 Kayaking Video

Mothership Connection Full On #2 Kayaking Video

What does it take to kayak the most exciting runs in Europe? The Mothership is a big old RV loaded with 14 kayaks.  The stars of this non-stop video are a trashed station wagon shuttle vehicle and some of the world's best kayakers, with hook-ups with local paddlers and kayakers and lots of different types of currencies.  Produced by Arnd Schaeftlein, this enjoyable 50 Minute video includes music by Dino Surf, Neil Zaza and others.

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