Transparent Clear Kayak

Offering you a unique way of enjoying the mysteries of the waters below, this clear kayak brings a whole new dimension to kayaking and canoeing.
Transparent clear kayak

Transparent Clear Kayak

See the fish, aquatic life and underwater goings-on with this fabulous clear kayak.  This kayak/canoe hybrid has a transparent polymer hull that offers paddlers an underwater vista of marine wildlife and waterscapes unavailable in conventional boats. Seating up to two people, the sturdy canoe hull is made of the same tough, durable material found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets!  This impact-resistant polymer gives an amazing combination of both resilience and clarity.

Easy to maneuver, the wide canoe displaces a greater amount of water for more surface stability, and the paddlers sit lower to the deck than some other kayak models, resulting in better balance.  Adjustable seats allow paddlers of different heights to comfortably personalize their leg room.  With a lightweight anodized aluminum frame, it can easily be transported to and from the water.

Buy this wonderful boat from our trusted source and you'll also receive:

  • A deluxe ergonomic seat
  • A double-bladed paddle
  • And a leashed 3-quart bailer
So that all you need is a U.S. Coastguard-approved life vest (available at our sister-site, Jade Blue Waters), and you can start enjoying the mysterious underwater world hidden below the surface.

Your clear kayak is made in the USA, and has a weight capacity of 425 pounds.  Dimensions are Width 33 1/2", Length 133" and Depth 11".  Overall weight is just 40 lbs.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Convert your boat into a 2 person model with an additional seat and paddle for the transparent clear kayak.
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